Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Official Woozworld Fansite!

Hey guys! It is me Celia, back with some VERY exciting news. Remember the Woozworld Fansite contest? Well...... Woozapalooza is one of the 8 blogs that were chosen!  2 members of the blog are allowed  to attend the exclusive Android event tomorrow. I am sorry but I can not invite all of the bloggers. I am proud to announce that I will be inviting Nekole(Summer, the co-owner).
Here is a list of the 8 blogs that won:
-Deadline Rewritten
-Social Wooz
-Woozworld Warriors
-Woozworld Little Secrets
-Woozworld Craze
-Woozworld Burst

Congratz to all the other amazing blogs! Here is a peek at the message Maxwooz sent to us:

Thank you for reading! Each blog gets to ask one question about the Android App, so I will make sure to give you guys all the details tomorrow!

Also, we get some sort of special logo.. So I wonder what it will be!

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