Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back for a little while + #FashionwithSummer SPRING EDITION!

Hey guys! It's me Summer. As you guys know, I have quit.... But I'm back for a little while because I realize when I'm bored I always find myself on Woozworld.

So, in other topics, today's post is mostly about spring outfits! I'm not a VIP anymore :( but I will be using some old throwback clothing items to create these 3 spring-tastic looks!

First Look:

Hair: Rebecca Haircut
Dress: Striped Dress
Shoes: Flip-Flops
I love this yellow-y springy look because it's just so casual and light!

Second Look:
Hair: Bow by Aeropostale
Dress: Spring Nights Dress
Shoes: Fancy Dance Shoes
First off, this is an AMAZING outfit for any season, but especially for spring!

Third Look:
Hair: Emilous Hair
Top: Floral Goddess Bralet
Bottoms: Rolled-Up Shorts
Shoes: Guy's Tommys
This is one of my most favorite outfits! The white with jewels is PERFECT for spring!

So guys, those were my top 3 spring outfits for 2015! I hope you like them and maybe even try them out, or try out a version of them yourself! If you do, make sure you send them to me via email, (summerwoozworld101@gmail.com) and YOU can be featured in my next post! 
Until next time,
Summer :)
*No I don't Trade or Sell these items!*

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