Saturday, April 18, 2015

Woozens Choice: The Outfits YOU Wanted!

Hey guys, it's me Celia '-'. Today I wanted to talk about the new Woozens Choice outfits. As you probably already know, Woozens Choice are the outfits we requested to be put back in the Woozworld Store. Some people may think think this is awesome, because they can buy the 'rares' they always wanted, but others may have the same point of view I have. Let me explain...

I think that this is a good idea in general, but if you really think about it, Woozens Choice is basically re-selling the rarest items in Woozworld, which is lowering how much the items are worth. For example, look at the outfits we chose this time:
Stylish Ballerina, Floral Goddess, Relaxed, and Rock On! 
Did you know that the Floral Goddess and Relaxed outfit were both sold in Shopz for 24 hours the week after they came out? Also, the Stylish Ballerina hair used to be the rarest hair in Woozworld for girls, besides Deadmau5. The value of this item quickly went from 500k-1 million all the way down to 50k-100k. The item is no longer what we would call 'rare'. I would say it is considered 'rich', because many woozens now have it. You can find this hair in marketplace for as low as 30k beex. I even saw a colorable one for 9999. Not so rare anymore, huh?

Also, the other 3 outfits weren't even very rare in the first place, honestly. If I were to choose any outfits for the Woozens Choice, I would choose old, non transferable outfits. The floral goddess outfit was a good choice because it is non transferable, that way it can't be sold to tons of woozens. 

So, these are my thoughts on the whole 'Woozens Choice' idea. Sorry if you disagree, but, thanks for reading!

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