Monday, April 20, 2015

Woozworld 2015 Prom Choices!

Heyyyyy everyone ;)! Sorry, I am just in a good mood today. Anyways, it is me Celielove37 (Celia), and today I am here to talk about PROM! Yes, that's right, Woozworld's Prom of 2015 is right around the corner! :D

So, the topic of this post are the different choices for this year's prom. Woozworld selected some of our (the woozens) ideas and put them to vote. Now, you can vote for the prom theme in the Central Plaza!
This is the podz that you click to vote!
Overall, I think the themes are great. (No offense, but almost anything would be better than last year's theme... Jello xDDD I just find that theme very funny) Let's take a look at this year's choices!

  • Masquerade "A Starry Night"
  • Red-Carpet "HollyWood Glamour"
  • Fairytale "Midnight in Wonderland"
  • Neon Rave "Tell Me When to Glow"
  • Nautical Elegance "Under the Sea"
I think that Woozworld choice some great themes for this year! Personally, I want an "Under the Sea" or "Midnight in Wonderland" prom. I feel like a masquerade or HollyWood theme is too general, and while a neon themed prom would be cool, not everyone likes bright neon colors.
So, what do you guys think of the theme choices for the Woozworld Prom of 2015? Comment below/in the chat box which theme you voted for! :D
I'll "cya" next time, byeeee!!!
~CelieLove37 (Celia)

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