Hair Designs By: CelieLove37

Hello guys, so I just took some photos of me in summer outfitsss. You can try to get them some of them are in the store. If you already have it.. Awesome!

Outfit 1:
Hair: Spar hair
Top: Divine Autumn Blouse
Legs: Classic Minishorts
Shoes: Guy's Tommys
Color code: C7A7Df
Outfit 2: 
Hair: Lovely Summer Hair
Top: Polygon Crop Top
Legs: Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt
Shoes: AsianLovey Cute Slippers

Those are the outfitss! Hope you like them!!!!! I do not trade anything shown in these photo and I dont know the color code for the second photo I only the first one which is my regular color code.

Cel's 1st design in her collection:

1-st model:rockiesea

Rockiesea's clothes:
-Hair:Azurium rebel(From plants)
-Torso:Official Woozworld Tank-3125 beex and 375 wooz
-Legs:Classic Minishorts(Shopz)
Feet:Ribbon Rhinestone Sneakers-625 beex and 75 wooz

AngelineGirl1's clothes:
-HairFanctea Hair -Store
-Dress:Fanctea dress -Store
-Skirt:Fanctea skirt -Store
Feet:Fanctea shoes -Store

That's us xD ,don't we look amazing ? :P
I hope you like that ,because I wanted to pic someone with style c: and even our style is so different we look both amazing xp!

Ok now as I promised my new edit/sign-off ,it's amazing :P (i think) lol! :

Hey guys!It's Cookies here! :D And today is..Fashionista Section! :) So..Let's Start! <3

Outfit 1
Hair - Survivorz Hairstyle for Her
Top - Pink Fury Coat
Bottom - Meygan's Totally Polished Bratz Skirt
Shoes - Groovy Go-Go boots

Outfit 2
Hair - Casual Island Hair
Top - Knot and Bustier
Bottom - Japaneese Schoolgirl Skirt
Shoes - WNS Heels

Outfit 3
Hair - Spartan Hair
Top - Wuzzle Vest
Bottom - Hipster Shorts And Tights
Shoes - Yeti Boots

So that's all for my 2nd Fashionista Section!
See you guys later!
Xoxo,Cookies <3

So Hey ya'll! I am gonna post some fashion I came up with! This is the FIRST post of #FashionWithSummer! You can use this Hashtag on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter! Let's make this Hashtag Famous!!!! OK so here are the first two outfits!
                                Outfit 1:

                  Hair- Trendy Prom Hairstyle
                  Dress- Modern Dress
                  Shoes- WNS Heels
                                        Outfit Rating: 6.5 out of 10

                               Outfit 2:
                Hair- GlamZ Hairstlye
                Top-  Retro Polka Dot Top
                Skirt- Japanese SchoolGirl Skirt

                Shoes- Ribbon Party Heels
                                         Outfit Rating: 8out of 10

Well hey! As you guys know I'm making a fashion collection.. So here is the SECOND piece of clothing..
Cute or Bad? Tell me in the Contact form on the blog! That's all! Bye :D ~Summer


Hey guys! This is Summer, and I'm telling you some great news! I am starting to design fashion and so I am making a collection! It will only have a few but Whatever :P Here it is :

Good or No? Please tell me what you think in the Contact form on the blog! (Please no bad thing. Only Suggestions :D) Well, that's it! Bye!

Cel's Woozapalooza Outfitter's Design

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  1. You guys are all so talented! These designs need to be on the Woozworld Store ASAP!!