Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hollyxooz And Eva.
Hey guys! Carly the awesome here ;o No? Ok :(
So as you all may have noticed new outfits are out! 
i think they were basically made for that contest we had back a few weeks about making a new clothes line, well i like the dress xD but i think the girls hair is just a tad bit weird But i like the highlights xD the boys outfit is ok. They were basically for the 'future' if you guys remember about our friends Eva and Fil, To me really the new outfits sorta look robot-ie o_o Like the dress looks stiff.and the boys just looks like some commanding thing, but i think the woozen has done its job nicely. Another thing i noticed was that Hollyxooz is really a boy o_O that was kinda weird, everyone thought 'he' was a 'she' but its a 'he' o_o Woow i didnt know boys had good taste in girls dresses hmm? ;)
Moving on So i found something totally weird and odd about our friend eva o_o
As i was scrolling down woozin, i noticed a post witch was weird o_o
hehe you got on this post zyndea ;) o_o Ok anyways. So yea i was like what o_o at first i was confused what does she mean by the 'blog thing' Then i thought it could be the new post? So i went over and i sorta understood what and why she said that o_o
I circled it, And as you can see eva is in the boy pose o_o Ladies are in the pose when they have one hand on the hip and one straight down, and boys have the exact pose that eva has on. I never really noticed that error much? Unless they made eva onto a boy avatar o_o I never really paid much attention to it really, even the events i think she was in the girl pose.......;o THINK im not sure o_o And blah blah blah blah blah
I also heard some of you guys are out of school ;o Lucky sports, i still have a month and 6 days .-. Great....
I cant wait for summer how about you? ;)
Over and out, Carly <3
                                       Ok i need a new sign off picture -.-' this one getting old...


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