Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hey guys so im not going to talk so much today but i found some things out, i have been talking to the new ceo and cfo they are awesome :D xD i didnt get to talk to the ceo too much but had a blast with the cfo shes really nice and i asked her some questions about the 'hacked' problem i dont wanna make this post so long cause there is a lot of answers i got but its pretty cool. 
 So if you have any questions message me on Ww on Clary-got-swag- It might be a bit hard to find me but thats life xD If you still wanna ask me search me up on face book ;) on Clary Wooz i have a picture of a anime. Make sure you add the right one. my other one got hacked yesterday...Heres the link though: So yup.

Oh la la New bio :P Cactus stuff be going on o.o i wonder how jenny feels ;o i only like one thing from this bio collection the hair and the blouse. Its sorta weird meaning by what hair im talking about o.o im talking about the side braid something hair with the too roses in the hair on the side it looks niiiicee X) xD. So that really wraps everything up for today

Keep safe dollys <3
Carly :3

Oh cheeeeeeeeeeeeeek out my newww piicccccc ;o ;o ;o
And a small poem ;o yes? 
Byee guys :3

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  1. How much super fertilizer do you put in the BIO soil to get the red rose hair?