Thursday, October 9, 2014


AHHHHHH!!!! Today I logged on to Woozworld, went to my tent, and found my woozen like this:
I was like, "WHAT THE...!!!" Then, I read this: 
They said there was no cure, but in reality there is.
All you have to do is:
1. Eat Jelly
2. Drink Water
It's that simple! So if you are tired of carrying the virus "Zombeardtosis",  then just eat jelly then drink water. xD. After I did that, I changed back to normal and hid in my house, away from all the zombies.

Also, DO NOT CHANGE CLOTHES WHILE HUMAN!!!!! It changes you into a zombie. 
After figuring that out, I went to get cured and zombies kept attacking me! If you are within 3 squares of a zombie, you catch the virus. I learned that the hard way... 
I even tried to go to "Zombie Safe-Houses" to try and get away from the infected woozens, but the placed were already infested. SO, I decided to make my own :D

It was pretty fun for a while, partying ZOMBIE FREE. But then this girl put some spell on me and infected me, so I had to restart and get the cure.. Lol.
But, my tips for if you don't want to get Zombeardtosis is just to stay in your unitz or go to a reliable Safe House (Like mine, not to be too self assured or braggy) xD.  I actually got on the top of Hot Now though, so I was pretty happy. Try creating your own safe house and invited your non-zombie friends!
That's all for now guys,
have a nice zombie-free or zombie-full night!
Haha, I haven't used this sign off in like... FOREVER! 
(Ok, maybe I have... but not for a while! :P)

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