Saturday, February 8, 2014

Boyish Chic outfits

As you know, most girls on WW aren't that girly. They wear boy's shirts and boy's shoes. Well, one of those girls is me xD And I wanted to share with you 3 of my favorite boyish-chic outfits with details :

1) Shirt: Hipster Comfy Plaid Pants: Zombie Legs Shoes: Old Slippers Hair: Summer Fedora
2) Shirt: Rockstar Vest with Tattoos Pants: Zombie Legs Shoes: Guy's Tommys Hair: Rebellion- for Her
3) Shirt: Glamz' Bf's Shirt and Tie Pants: Zombie Legs Shoes: Cool High Tops Hair: Stud Hairband

I hope you all try these outfits out  for yourselfs and have fun with them! PS. Sorry I used Zombie legs in all 3. You can Substitute them for any pants that you like!)  Xoxoxox ~ Summer

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