Friday, February 7, 2014

New Furni and Clothes/FriendIN/Ms and Mr Valentine

Check out the NEW furniture and clothes that are available NOW for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! :D They are part of the new FriendIN collection! Check it out..
New Furniture Collection!

New Clothing Collection!

Ms. and Mr. Valentine

A new contest has arrived in Woozworld! For this contest, collect as many FriendIn smiles to gain BFF points. To be crowned Ms or Mr Valentine, you need to get the most BFF points possible. The winners will get 30 months VIP, and the top 10 will get 1 month VIP. Also, the winners get to choose 2 friends to give 1 month VIP to. A score board isn't shown, since this is a FRIENDLY competition! ;) 
Collect These to Gain BFF Points!

xoxo <3 ~Cel

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