Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3000 Views Eventz

Woozapalooza 3000 Views Eventz
Thankyou everyone for 3,000 views, and I hope you enjoy the events we have put together for you!
This time, there will be 2 events, so make sure to come to both of them!

1st Event:
When: Friday, February 14
Time: 5:00 WOOZTIME
Place: CelieLove37's Unitz
Details: A suprise party for our friend Apple-Panda, and a Valentine's Party all in one. There will be entertainment, prizes, and more. There will be a huge announcement, related to adding a new blogger.

2nd Event:
When: Saturday, February 15
Time: 7:00 WOOZTIME
Place: Nekole's Unitz
Details: A special concert and party to celebrate 3,000 views. There will be entertainment, fun, and more.
An even bigger announcement will be given, related to adding a new blogger.

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