Monday, June 2, 2014

SCHOOL'S OUT! - and more.

I would like to start off this post with a small little update I found this week on Woozworld. I'm not sure how long it has been like this but I just noticed xD.
So you know how when you are in your unit and want to edit? So you click the edit button and.. New icons! :D
WAY better then the old icons, right? ;) I love how they have color and different little designs for each. So obviously the little room is to add or delete the walls of your unit. The little room with the background behind it is to customize the background of your unit. The calendar is for Eventz. The little paintbrush and paints (my favorite icon) is for editing the colors of your unitz. And finally, the little broom and dustpan is for emptying out your unitz. I love the new icons and I think they fit right along with the other updates Woozworld has recently had.

For the second part of this post I want to say... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR.. BOOM.. 18,000+ views! Thanks to all the viewers and fans of Woozapalooza and also.. THANKS TO ALL YOU HATERS! rofl. You visit our blog everyday just to put us down and make us feel bad about our hard work. Sorry.. but you really didn't succeed at your job. Except for the part about me losing my temper ;). Wooh, that bright pink just hurt my eyes. '-' .. 

For the final part of this post.... I want you all to know... THAT SCHOOL IS OUTTTTTTT! Me, Summer, and Lucy are all out of school today ;). (CelieLove37, Nekole, -Lucky-Lucy-). We're all friends in real lol. But, not to be rude, but my life really isn't your business. At least for the most part, like I'm not going to tell you about what I'm feeling deep inside, but I might say the I'm drawing a school girl right now.. (I actually am rofl....) Well, thanks for reading and putting up with my so called 5 year old designing. Rofl at least that's what you haters say! ;)
^^ The Freak.
My Quote of the Day That I Just Came Up With:
Knives cut deep, but words cut deeper.

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