Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Updating? o.o
Hey guys! it seems that Ww is updating again! How do i know? Max's post:
So there it is. Honestly, that joke like really? -.- Anyways. The update will be going for around 3 hours! starting 7:30amWT i dont know what im going to do o.o i might even be sleeping lool. If you guys want updates and dont have twitter try on facebook. So what do you guys think the update is gonna be about? i hope anyone wont make a fuss about it...I mean in old woozworld you guys wanted a better one THERE GIVING YOU A BETTER ONE NOW cause you wanted it. just because you dont like it, you dont need to make a big fuss over it. Ww is trying there best to make ww better for us. One thing i want better is Queue and filter chat. they filtered too many words now + some people cant get into units. Right so thats it for today!


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