Saturday, June 21, 2014

Contest.. For myself?

So. Celia is doing the race to how rich can a new account get to in one month. I was thinking to myself and this was my conversation, 

"Man self, I really want to get to level 50 but it takes so long!"
"Well Summer, find out a way to have to make yourself get to level 50."
"Hmm, that's a good idea. But how?"
"Uhh.. Woozapalooza. DUHHH!"
"Oh yeah! So it would be like a contest for myself?"
"Yeah! It would also be pretty fun!"
"Cool! Ok, thanks mind!"
"Your welcome Summer!"

                   So that's what it was like. (Yeah not really) But that's my contest! If you would even like to join in with me as a race either tell me in the chat box or message me on Woozworld (Nekole). Hope you look forward to my contest. It's gonna be hard but fun! 

P.S. I am still doing the video, so don't worry. I'm just editing a few more hairstyles for you guys! ;P

~Summer xOxOxO

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