Wednesday, June 4, 2014

 Hey guys! carly is bringing you something new for a few weeks! 
i have decided to do..................Woozen Dress Of The Week in other words  (wdtw)
Here i will choose a woozen (with a killer style) On the blog EVERY week from now till the end of june, Wdtw will be hosted on thursdays, unless i cant post then it will be on fridays. But dont worry! The winner will get a prize ;o ;o ;o Beeeeeeeeeeeex XP Beex will be givin out to the winner around 5000-1000 (max-9999) If you would like to enter! Message me On Clary-got-swag- and Just say you want to enter, Make sure to make a puuuurrr-fect outfit! and just make a new album and say contest for blog and just simply put that lovely picture in the album so i can come an cheak it out but remember to message me! (My link to woozin is below since it may be hard to find me.)Each week i will set the theme on something new, so you wont just have to make a bunch of outfits and take a picture, This week it will be on colors and the outfit, NEXT week will be on The background and has to have a pet :3 xP. Prizes will get better and better. Who knows. you might even get the new outfit ;o no ;)  So start working and lets get the show on the road! XP no.........We might get hit by cars.Ew the blood.....
Woozin link: Mesh woozin
Over and out

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