Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BYOU Coming to Woozworld?

Hey guys, it's Cel here! So as you may know, last night on Twitter there was an event with Bailee Madison and BYOU Magazine. Woozworld was also involved in it, and exclusive Woozworld prizes were given. But, as you and I may wonder, what does Woozworld have to do with Bailee Madison (if you don't know who she is, Google her) and BYOU Magazine? WELLL... I have been wondering, so I decided to search some things up. Look what I found!
A sneak peek of a new BYOU unitz? I wonder if Bailee Madison will be the next celebrity guest on Woozworld, also! :o It all makes sense if you ask me. I mean, BYOU magazine is for teens and tweens, just like Woozworld. They both do a collaboration together and BOOM, each of them makes a huge profit and gets more popularity. What do you think? 

See you later.

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