Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Premiere Virtual World for Tweens to Accept Parent-Approved Transactions

Yes, I know.. LONGGG title. So, I did MORE search on new things that Woozworld might have.. But look what I found instead... Okay, I guess not really look. I will tell you. I came upon a website page that talks about Woozworld and Oink have partnered up to bring safe, secure payments to Woozworld. Oink is the only payment technology that was designed to allow retailers and game publishers to reach under 21 consumers in a safe, legal, and effective manner. It serves as a digital family wallet that is available online or mobile and allows safe, secure transactions that are all within parental controls. Obviously, Woozworld and Oink want to team up in order to make a higher profit. DUH, THEY WANT $MONEY$. So, you know when you go on the Woozworld Store and click "buy" and it shows all the different payment methods? Well, oink will soon be listed as a payment method. You can CLICK HERE for more information. Also, you can visit for more info about how they work.

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