Friday, June 20, 2014

Yea, About The '3' Hour Long Update

The 3 hour update was worthless. I mean they just smallerized the icons at the bottom. I was alright with the big one. I'm very sorry if you disagree. :) I guess opinions are opinions. So lately I've been using my friedns' phone to play woozworld. Most people hate PLAYING the app. I think its super fun. It makes me feel free. You know like to type. You use the keypad on the phone. It is so much fun. All the features are so AWESOME!!!!!! :). I wish i could get woozworld app on my phone. :( I have an android. UGH!! I want an apple product.
What have you guys been doing this summer. Hmm What was i going to say? OH YEA I REMEMBER Next weekend so june 28 clear to july 9th I'll be camping so i wont be able to post on here. :( Sad, Ugh I got to go do chores. Well See yea later Woozaplaza

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