Thursday, June 19, 2014

Update O.O 
HI :3 Well, it seems the update happened when i was sleeping 'u' at least i didnt have to be bored 'u' Right so, some people are like whats the new update? basically it WAS
about food.Im sure they will let us know further things in further events, or one of those sign blog thingys that pop up o.o right so on leader boards they added new catagories
Chefs and gourmets ? Are we gonna have some kinda bake off ? xD plus some of you were complaining about the other update when all our little buttons became huge, well now they are small...smallER at least the inventory does not get stuck to your woozpet...but then you click on someone and it displays there clothing its sorta small o.o like small small o.o
 cant really see it that well but ok. so thats it for today and keep playing Ww!

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