Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Miss Fab- bo is here!!!

Hey guys!!! I'm Tanmayee :) your new blogger!!! I'm just so hyper right now, about becoming a blogger to this great, amazing, fabulous blog!!! Well talking about Fabulous, there's nothing more fabulous than me of course, no offence to you, I hope none is taken... But.... this blog!!! like really, I have to say this blog is even more fabulous than meh XDDD
Now... Lets talk more about meh, Miss Fabulous or I like to call myself Miss Fab-bo! Whatever you wanna call me, just remember the teeny tiny word, Ms Fabulous... If you think I'm gonna kill you if you don't remember that word, then yes, yes I will! 
So yeah, more about me, hmm... Well when I start talking about myself all I remember is how fabulous I am...
Okay no really, I can't think about anything else...
Wa-wa-wa-wa-wait! Hmm... so well I can sure talk about my hobbies and stuff, but people find it boring -.-
Not all people though, so for those who wanna know what my hobbies are, keep reading further :) and for those of you who don't care (I know, i know I sound really mean, what can I do, Its just me, Ms Fab- bo!) ,you shouldn't worry, there's not much further, just what I'm gonna post about, and other valuable information...
So moving on... My hobbies, what do girls like?? Fashion, Cooking, Baking, Sewing and I don't know what else can I include in this long long list which is to be continued... Anyway so lemme tell ya, you now know what my hobbies are :D
So obviously I'll be posting about Fashion! Cos well cooking, baking and sewing can't be done on Woozworld XDD, well cooking can be (no, not really) if you spend like 300 wooz on buying different Food Podz XDDD -.-
Wait.. I forgot about MY FAVOURITE HOBBY!?!?! How cruel, how can I do that??
So lemme tell ya, my FAVE hobby is PLAYING WOOZWORLD!!!!
I love woozworld soo much!!! I can't stop playing it!!! BTW, add me on Woozworld- my woozen name- tanmayee And... if ya don't add me then well :( you don't love me :(

Hahahaha LOL, you can add me only if ya want XDDD 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading what I post, And I'll be posting two to three times a week, I'm sooooo not sure about what days I'll post on... But I'm guessing they're gonna be random days -.-
BTW, if you have any question for me or anything like that, feel free to ask me anything you like, down below in the comment box :)
Thanks so much for reading my really really loooooong and booooooooooring -.- essay!!!
Love ya guys :)
~ tanmayee, Ms Fab-bo

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