Monday, June 9, 2014

How to (4)

Hey guys!Cookies here x So it's the summer week,and sometimes we don't know what to do.So today's tip is How To Enjoy A Hot Day.Let's begin (:

1-Go out with your friends and get some ice cream,water ice,froyo,frappucinos,chocolates,sodas even
   ice cold water.
2-When your at home,drink some cold ice tea or any kind of beverage
3-Tan '-'
4-Go to the/your pool! invite some friends along to keep you company.
5-Have a spa day! <3
6-Watch tv in a cold air conditioned room! ;)
7-Stroll on to the beach!When it's hot it's usually sunny.Great way to get a tan! :D
8-Make cold yummy smoothies or milkshakes!
9-Have a great sleepover! <3
10- Make popsicle :p

So that's all for today's post!Sorry I'm being so inactive in blogging,I've been really busy with stuffs.I'll try to post more often in my free time <3

Cookies x <3

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