Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A fake person on the blog + BULLYING

Well as you can see from the title there has been some fakeness going on with this blog. For example, one blogger (not naming names) has been acting nice to some of the followers and then talking about them behind their backs. Also, that same blogger has been accusing people of other things such as calling them a bully. As well as that, the SAME blogger has been making her problems public.
I won't name names because I'm not the person to do that, but I suggest you reallllyyyy think about who this blogger is..  I mean really? SuSummer? That's such a great way to get to me. Try a little harder. 
This needs to end. And to that blogger, don't make your issues public for help. That's just sad that you can't handle your own problems.

WARNING: Making disgusting names or making a username in the chat box for laughs or to try to be mean to someone (cough that blogger cough) is NOT PERMITTED!!!

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