Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prom '-'
Prom is here yay .... Ok im not really into prom that much to be honest, plus they might as well only pick famous people which just gets me ticked off.yet i still signed up. wow. not like any of the 'not-famous people' are gonna win :) -.- ..Anyways, for those who love prom and want to sign up, So all you need to do is go to the gourmets foodz cafe in Ww. when you get there at the end will be 2 pods, one pink and one blue pink is for girls and blue is for boys then you will need to write about a 5 line paragraph of what you wanna do, why you want to become, and stuff like that, you can also look at Ww blog thingy for more details, no pictures for today since i cant get on world at the moment, sorry!
um o.0 my sign off picture will come out weird i think o.0 ignore that if it does.. o.o

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