Thursday, June 19, 2014

Please don't go away for THREE HOURS!!!!


We are busy upgrading the service with more features. We will return soon.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Hey guys, Ms Fab-bo  here!
So while I was on Woozworld, This disturbing message came on screen- "Connection Lost, please restart Woozworld"
I was sooooooooo annoyed!
But the annoying situation became even more annoying when i refreshed and this Yeti was on the page -.- and that annoying message!
Max had this post on woozin yesterday that Woozworld will be unavailable for the three hours...

I'm refreshing so many times right now XDD But nope, not working... :(
I'm dead for those three hours. XDDD
Arghhh!!!! I don't know how am I gonna spend these three hours...
Wait a minute!!! I can go on my ipad (thats such a clever idea, I'm a genius) Lets see!!!
Wait, nope nope NOPEEEEEEEEEE it won't even load on the ipad or my phone!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!
(fine I'm so not a genius, but at least I'm Fabulous XD )
So erm yeah... WzW's basically dead for another three hours... (and so am I...)
Remember dear Woozworld, no matter what happens.... Ms. Fab-bo will always love you... :') -tears of joy?-
Don't forget me Woozworld, I will miss you -sobs-
Thinking about you...
~ Ms. Fab-bo :'(

No, no, don't go on the picture (I'm not skateboard happy- i love skateboard) Its just the last picture I had on myself in WOOZWORLD!!!!!!!! Woozworld... -sobs-
I cant connect to woozin so apparentely, I couldn't access to another picture so this was the only one I had...
I'm not skateboard happy, I'm not... :'( -cries-
I hope they don't add horrible stuff to woozworld like not able to put wooz in shop podz, or those prestige levels or whatever they are called XD
I really really hope they do add "DELICIOUS" stuff as Max said...
I'm soo soo excited to know what updates are gonna be on!!! (yep and I'm excited and sad at the same time!!!)
Anyway, I'll talk to you people later... (when I'm not sad)
Love ya guys...
~ Ms. Fab-bo

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