Thursday, June 12, 2014

BYOU, Be Your Own You

So, as I told you before, BYOU was going to come to Ww. Apparently, I was right, because BYOU has arrived! You can check out the awesome unitz in Hot Topicz on Woozworld.
Sadly, I don't think Bailee Madison is coming though.. I guess we'll have to wait and see. But, another woozen is visiting instead. Their username is B-YOU-TY. A lot of woozens have been posting on her WoozIN wondering how she is level 50 already. Well, 'celebrity guest' that visits Woozworld automatically is made level 50. That is also why she gets to wear anything and is VIP. I hope this cleared some things up for the people who were mad or confused about this. c: But the unitz IS pretty cute (at least for us girls), right? You can tell me in the contact form if you would like, and have the chance for your opinion to be featured in my next post :D! 
I'll "see" you next time c:
Don't worry, I won't actually see you xD,
I'll just blab on about more stuffs that I think is useful c;
But, if you want to learn about something specific, tell me in the contact form or in the chatbox. You could also comment below.
Bye all you B-YOU-TY-FUL people! :D
P.S. I totally hope they have a clothes design contest for BYOU! :D\

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