Friday, June 6, 2014

Helloooo People.       .
Lol. Hey guys, Carly here again.
I just got back from my sleepover at my cousins place, + The doctors, Xp. My 4 MONTH old cousin (boy) had to get shots '-' I felt kinda bad '-' But i got some candy....and i got his since he drinks nothing but milk right now .-. Ya know those newborns. lol. Later we went shopping then my aunt went to some store so i decided to stay with the baby..........He was so quite. and like kept staring at me. i still felt bad, cause he cried a LOT cause of the shot. maybe i should say shotS 3 shots Lol.....Then i just made him laugh and later it was really hot in the car and the windows were up so he fell a sleep .-. my aunt took forever to get what she wanted. Like forever. i was dieing in that car. Like. no. but at least i had 'Ring pop' Rofl. Thats what the doctor gave as a 'prize' or such '-' Moving on. New outfits much? XP they sorta look COPIED o_o Heres the picture:
Lol the girl in the middle .-. Ok no. Right so as you can see the DRESS that MYA is wearing looks like the MYSTERIOUS ELEGANT GOWN. The hair eh. idk XP. the shoes almost look like POP HEELS but maybe the strap is strched up and maybe added more heels. Moving on to jenny, her hair looks like that hair i think the name was hair with pop, there are too kinds one is a open one with a braid that is in Shop.and one is like the exact kind that jenny has but the hair is open the the little bow is in the corner like it is right now on jenny and that one is not in shop but i think you guys might have pictured the pictured so...., her dress looks like DRESS AND BRACELET but the bottom part looks more poofy. Lol. shoes idk. XP Anyways thats it for today. Bye guys!

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