Friday, June 20, 2014

Tips From Cel (2)

Hello. I know I keep saying that I rarely ever do these types of posts, but lately not a lot has been going on around Woozworld. I guess there was the whole "Delicious Update" thing. Which I don't really get because how is the tiny things they changed delicious? That's why I suspect they will bring new foodz and BIO seeds soon. Besides that, WoozCup, and the upcoming prom, Woozworld has sort of been dead, resulting in me doing more how to's, DIY's, and tips. Obviously, today I'll be giving some advice that I find quite necessary and useful.

Trust. You need to choose who you trust carefully. You can't go trusting every person or stranger. Sometimes, you can truly only trust a few people, or maybe even no one at all. Be careful who you trust.
Idolize. It's always good to have a role model to look up to. They can range from your mom - to your favorite celebrity. It's always good to behave yourself, so maybe one day you could be someones idol.
Prioritize. Prioritizing goals, or setting them as more important, is something that comes in handy. If you really want to learn something, then set it as a goal in your life that you won't give up on.
Savor. You need to savor every moment in life, before it is too late. Not everything lasts forever, let alone right now. We only have one life (that is known of), and it is important that we live it to the fullest and treat every day like it is our last.

I hope my little acronym of tips was useful.
I wanted this post to be COLORFUL.
Once again, my computer is broken so I'm on the laptop.
No sign off *teartear*
Bye! -CelieLove37 (Cel)

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