Saturday, June 14, 2014

Welcome back to me and some new ideas by Woozworld

Ok,so hi ppl,I didn't write so long in here , because I really didn't know what to write for,but today i found my inspiration.About woozworld and some music ideas.
So you know woozworld changed alot and still changes alot,I didn't even know that is woozworld,i think it's not our great game with wooz and beex in the trade,when deadmau5 was cheap and transferable and etc.Th famous people were little,the music video makers too.The great editors.B-you came in woozworld too,she was interviewed by the woozband ( Mya) , I soon understood that he old woozworld director was fired,somehow and the other woozband and now from all woozband is playing only one person ,who is a girl and there is new woozworld CEO - Simonetta Lulli ,who changed the wooz prices to beex and did Woozworld so junk.I'm trying to think of that how Woozworld one day - very very soon will close ,because it winnings of all these wooz,beex,'goodz' and etc is getting downand they're not selling much,so that means they are soon getting in a big fail which was their own fault,that's why the old director of Woozworld and the old lead manager left ,because they saw Woozworld is failing down and won't never change back to normal.So the way it is it can not never ever change back as Mya Wooz said.
So you need to say goodbye to Woozworld very soon or else if miracle happens and the old Woozworld staff come back.Only they can bring back the old Woozworld things,banner ,style and make the people happy again,I hope they're not sad for that they were fired of the best jobs ever.We're sorry that you left Woozworld guys,we'll love you always,you brang the happiness to our virtual world and our hearts (Virtual and real).
I also want to congratulate out awesome blog for more than 20 000 views! Woozers,haters,bloggers,we did it and we are amazing,now we are gonna wait to be upper!!!!!!We can do that still!Tell everyone of your friends,so they can know about this blog and its amazing extras ,games (HAHA) and etc.But really you'll see how many features are in here,you won't never ever sorry if you come in here c; !

Ok now my other theme ,which is connected with me in real and the music i make,the covers and etc.

Music as i said in my previous posts is my life,I found a girl , named Madilyn Bailey ,who make very good covers of song , her inspirations really can fill your heart with happiness for the future and basically the old things you did,when you hear her voice, you're feeling amazing and that's the awesomeness of her magic c:!

Ok now one of her song covers ,she has few original songs ,which are kinda great , but her covers are really really good,watch,listen and feel it:

There xP.

-xoxo Angeline-'You better think of the future and your happiness there , not for the past , because there are many things ,which can always brang you down,always listen not the others,but your heart,it always says you the truth and always brings you to the perfect trail!'

Ok bye guys,see ya with next post!

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