Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Small Update?

Hey Guys! Carly here,
So i was just looking through the blog when i noticed no one talked about the small new update, Unless I'm totally blind .-.  But i dont think so..I do have a eyelash in my eye though..Omg. HATE it.
Anyways, So you guys may have noticed your inventory changed a bit Take a look:
Looks more modern, classy? xD Well i like it anyways.
Second thing! If you click on your friends profile you would notice there is sorta a badge
Note: If you dont like your badge i would try changing your title, The badge goes with your title. Want a small peak? Here you go:
Sorry i failed at tracing it.
Anyways That was just a small little notice
Ok this may sound totally random but ITS REALLY HOT HERE OMG. 
Ok Im done..
Byeeeee Tacos Carly :3

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