Thursday, April 3, 2014

Woozworld Welcomes EvaWooz and FilWooz

Have you seen the two new possible woozband members? Their names are EvaWooz and FilWooz. In the news on Woozworld, it shows a comic strop of them. It seems as if they are trying to save their dad with a special flower, and their mom doesn't even know! Interesting, right? I wonder if this is going to be kind of like when ZeenaWooz and ZackWooz were here.. Hopefully this pair is nicer! xD It's funny though how in parts of the comic, Eva and Fil don't even look like a woozen.. HMMM..?
EvaWooz and FilWooz

Do you see their faces? They look different from any other face in ww.. What do you think this is about and who Eva and Fil might be?

Byeee :D
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