Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to (2)

Hey guys!So it's Carly right here!Our How to today is..How to have a better attitude on Mondays.So let's begin! :)

1.If you think about it.You're on this earth to make a difference.If you don't start your day then you might be missing out on opportunities.

2.In the morning,play happy music to get up to.Try and think about how much fun you will have maybe at lunch or in a class.

3.Mondays are the start of a new week.Last week then make it up this week.

4.Just always remember Mondays aren't that bad,there is just a new beginning maybe for a friend,you.

Sorry it's short!I'll try to make it longer in the new How To.

See ya guys later!Xoxo,Carly! <3

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