Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hey guys!
Carly here :3 And i just wanted  to say congrats to cutestonthe I think i spelled it right xD
I only copy and pasted it so dont judge man =.= xD Anyways, So many people say that 'to win star of the week try dressing up as mya' OR 'wear purple' OR 'only popular people win' Now i would agree. Its mostly Only famous people. (not trying to be rude to those people) But it is kinda true. It seems only woozband pick on famous people. They also add famous people too '.' Or well, well known people around Ww. They should be more fair to people. It seems that we might only have to dress up as mya just to win. Whats the point of star of the week if we have to copy someones style? Really. 
I mean i get a bit angry when someone copys my outfit. (it has happened man did i hate it =.=)
Might ask why? Well. One reason is. You COPYING someone else's design. If you want to be complimented on you should use your own designs. Second. Like i said. Use your own designs, Get knowned for WHO you are and not what your TRYING TO BE. Im just trying to say make your own designs, And be known. If you copy someone its not going to take you anywhere. 
So be yourself!
Be Fab! <3 
Be someone you wanna be <3

Tacos! ~Carly <3
Also my new pic! :D

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