Sunday, April 27, 2014

#FashionwithSummer (2)

Hey its Summer! Sorry I haven't posted much this past month and a half, I was really busy with Field Hockey, Homework, Friends, and Exams. So this post is kinda like my returning post to the blog. Today's #FashionwithSummer is the new BowTEA outfit review! 


Name: BowTEA Hair
Review: This hair is long and has a bow. I honestly do not really care for this hair. It's just like the Bratz hair but with a bow and no bangs. 


                  Name: BowTEA Dress
                  Review: This is a knee-length dress with a bow and lace. I like this dress. The only problem is that it looks weird with everything because it overpowers that item. 


Name: BowTEA Skirt
                  Review: This skirt is puffed out and flowy, it has a bow also. I like it but it doesn't go with any clothes. It's too puffy for my taste. 


Name: BowTEA Shoes
                    Review: These shoes are sandal heels. I don't like these shoes at all. They only match the outfit. If you try to wear them with something else they look terrible.

Full outfit:
Model: Nekole

                                           Name: BowTEA Collection
                                           Review: Outfit with Long hair, lace, and bows. I like this outfit. Too bad the items don't go with anything else and that this isn't really my taste. Woozworld did good but they need to change their new outfits so that they match other items on Woozworld. 

~ Summer <3

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