Sunday, April 6, 2014

Woozworld+Newz+Star stable=Fell in luv :P

Hey anyone :P ! Sorry for the late writing my post xD ! I was busy studying , because of my exams , but they are very very very useful for my future xD ! And I'll say it to you guys don't you ever let Woozworld take off your life , because you will sorry very much for that :/! But nvm , I found one new game 1 year ago and It's amazing,if you love horses and ponies you can always join , it is called Star stable and as I said it is INCREDIBLE horse game :P ! You can be something like the 'VIP member' in Woozworld and there too , but It is called Star rider and it is inspiring ,haha :P!

It includes super amazing features and super amazing horses <3 like andalusians,friesians,ponies,french horses ,arabians and etc!

Hope you enter as soon as you can and we can meet in my fave new town called Harvest counties!
NOTE:Sorry for writing for a new site,even if the blog is for Woozworld,I just want to do it more expressive and better-looking in anything <3!
Idk what else to say,so bye anyone!
xoxo Angeline- 'The real men wears pink'-Wizoru(Star of the week)

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