Sunday, April 13, 2014

Woozapalooza Awards!

So we have 10,000 views!! THANKS ALL OF YOU!! WE ARE SOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! For the second big event for 10,000 views, we are gonna do Woozpalooza Awards! It is awards for all woozens on Woozworld and anyone can be in it! We will be picking just off of certain things but if you want to higher your chances of winning an award, send a description and reasons why you are perfect for whatever award you want to win! You can send that to :

 Here are all of the awards you can win!:

 Best unitz
Best Shop
Best Restaurant
Most friendly
Best quotes
Best Woozin Posts
Best "colors"
Most seen
Best youtube channel
Best editing
Best party 
Best games
Best Woozguide
Best game player
Most famous

                               Good luck to you all!~ Xoxox Summer

Warning! If you do not win do not be upset. This awards will be held every 10,000 views. Also, the choices are personal, and asked to other woozens. Everyone on the blog is choosing one. No blogger will be featured in an award. The youtube video will be out AFTER the awards ceremony. You will also be featured in the Woozapalooza Hall of Fame. Sending in a description will higher your chances of winning. Woozapalooza is not held responsible of what people say or do because of the awards given, the people chosen, or what they said to you. Thanks!

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