Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The blog's new music video.....ALMOST DONE! ;D

Hey guys ! Omg omg omg! You can not even dream about the big thing which is coming to the blog,the big production i made!You will fell in luv with that amazing music video we made with Cel ;D , but Summer will be in the end (Shout out for my art of work)!Hope you would like that amazing team work <3 , cuz' when i saw it i was so proud of myself! :DDD ! The happiness is small word , just one SMALL word when u see it ! ;P
I'm so excited of showing it to you guys and I'm gonna say you one thing more for shouting out my video , godness <3 : the song is made of one very beautiful blonde woman with curly hair......GUESS who is she......
-DRUM ROLLS-....................................SHAKIRA!!!!!!!!
If you saw Shakira's new amazing commercial for Activia you will fall in love with her bran new song of her album named SHAKIRA!The song is called Dare or how the others call it Dare to feel good or La la la !
It was named in commercial,because in my country anything was shown for her(Bulgaria-again shout out ahahaha i can not stop!) , I beg you to please me guys <3 but I'm very excited of my work and how good song made our beautiful famous teen-girl Shakira or how i name her (Shaki-babee) xD!
Maybe that was a joke HAHA , idk if it is O.O !
But hope you are ready to see something which includes fun and happiness,which can be anyone's inspiration,which is the most perfect thing u are and we are!I'm not very good editor as I said in my previous post and yeah the video is not like Ems37's videos or like AllyAloha's  but i know if i didn't did it to look like proffesional'art of work,it is my work and that's why i'm so excited and the second reason is , because the ending titles and effects are very good,because i wanted to inspire you anyone C:!

Okay umm idk what else to say,but I would like anyone of you watch it and when we have advertiser , he will be excited too ! PSH.....

Bye now
-Xoxo Angeline-"There was one human , who just wanted to have fame,there was one person who just wants friends,are they the same,are they the ones?'

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