Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hi woozworld people-Newz and me xD

Hey guys,how are you? :P! I have problem with the world in the Chrome browser so i use Internet Explorer,unfortunately for me that's the slowest browser ever xD!But we are not talking for my browser....we are talking for you guys,for my woozen,for woozworld news and etc!
I've joined one amazing contest and I hope you could Woozup my amazing pic so I t could get many woozups!
There is the pic:

It's a quote contest of one special girl <3!
Anyways,woozworld is just like a waterfall of many problems,things , of course the new shirts came for BGN,which is amazing cuz' I'm bulgarian and wanted to buy so much and of course i bought and now I have the diamond one! :P
Of course there are other shirts which today are weared like hits in Woozworld,they're called 'Mobile Canada shirts' or 'Mobile canada dresses'! And they are so so so amazing ,there was bids for them , but unfortunately when the owner removed from the mannequin the dress,it was done by Woozworld - non transferable D:!
But anyways you can get the for free if you have I pad and download the new Woozworld app for free!
I saw Justy and It remind me of one time when I saw it again , but I thought she has just permission to wear and she made that shirt,but Idk and I understood today that anyone can get it for free xD!
I saw her hair and I was strangefully like : WHAT!Because she has red monster high hair,idk how she did that?See her picture:
Lol,just see how she got her hair like that,idk! I really want too :P , but Woozworld won't do that feature for us,woozens xD!

(correction: it is long hair not a monster high hair)

Idk what more to say,lol when you need inspiration message me , because soon I'll do new contest!And you'll get doubled more prizes than the other one!Okay,so bye! xD!

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