Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sorry for 3 days no writing xD!

Hi hi all! I'm Angeline and I'm so so sorry for that I didn't post anything 2-3 days!But....anyways....How are you? What is going on in Woozworld , idk....I was so busy with studying and Transformice...my new amazing game <3 , I love it so much xD ! But anyways,did you saw the new Woozworld outfit O_O!I was shocked when I saw the 'beauty' and them they are just 'incredibly amazing'!Lool...But anyways,I really need and want them , because they would look cute on me xDD ! LOOL , but I really would be happy if I have the bunny one , because It looks better and cool!

Idk what else to say xD! I won a contest btw....I was on third place....But I'm also bored ......Umm.....Stay stong,polished and not be wrong!

And soon I'll do next contest which I'll give doubled prizes than my other ones,there was problem with the winner,she blocked me and etc , but we are not friends! So remember.....if you're winner...PATIENTLY wait your prize!

Angeline-'Anything is not as good as you think,you just see it like that ,because you do anything to look like your own '!

Be awesome,amazing,and.....angelicious! 
WARNING: Right now I just don't have many ideas and themes for what to write,but I don't want to don't write so many days-off in the blog and I decided to go here and write , because I don't wanted to be out!
But anyways , in 3-4 days you'll see me new ,better and best xD! With many new ideas!
P.S:Sorry for my bad grammar,as I said in my previous posts,the reason for having grammar mistakes is my country-region(I'm not american)!Thanks if you understood the grammar problem!I appreciate if you!xD!

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