Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Updates! ❤

Hey guys! It's me Celia, and today I'm just back to tell you about some new updates I've made for Woozapalooza! :D

So, obviously there is a new design for the month of February and for Valentine's Day. I originally made the header just casual and not holiday themed, but then I edited it to make it have more color and match the flowery background. I really hope you like the new design and theme xD Comment below or in the shout box what you think of it!

The next "update" is the hiring of new bloggers xD. I recently hired 4 new bloggers, and they have been great so far :)!

The final update I have made so far is a new logo for Woozapalooza! Many of you probably don't even know what the old one looked like, so you can visit the "Edits" section of the blog to see the old one. But today I'll show you the new one! :D
It looks pretty similar to the last one, but it also looks much better in my opinion since the font now matches the Woozworld logo. Also, I took the third person off of it because he no longer is a member of this blog, even though he was an original blogger (sorry!) I also changed the favicon to this c:.

Anyway, that's all for today,
sorry it wasn't about Woozworld.. xD
Cya next time! Bye!

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