Monday, February 16, 2015

JENNY WOOZ IS DEAD!?!?! - Woozworld's New Sleeping Beauty

Hey guys! It's me Celia and today I am going to be talking about the new Woozworld dilemma in the Woozworld Plaza that has everyone going crazy! Is our beloved Jenny Wooz DEAD?!
The answer to that is a plain and simple no. Jenny Wooz is in fact not dead, but sleeping. It occurs to me that there is a new sleeping beauty in Woozworld.

If you don't remember, a few months ago, on Jenny's birthday, Max and Jenny broke up/ got divorced. Jenny has since been heartbroken because she doesn't know why Max ended their relationship and didn't even come to her birthday party! Apparently he started a cactus farm, but honestly there is more to it than that. It may just have to do something with an evil queen, ZEENA WOOZ! Zeena probably wanted to be on the Woozband and have Max, so she had to get rid of Jenny!!!!!
My conspiracy theory is that Zeena casted a spell upon Jenny, putting her into a deep sleep. It is up to Jenny's true love to awaken her with a true love's kiss. It may just be that Max Wooz is Jenny's true love, but some woozens are even saying it could be Zack Wooz!!!! I don't think so, though...

What do YOU think about Woozworld's next upcoming drama?
Will Jenny be saved by her one true love, or will she forever stay in her deep slumber?
That's all for today, bye!

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