Sunday, February 22, 2015

#Fashionwithvic Cute rare outfits!!

Hello everybody , Its me Lolhivic back here with another blog !! So today im gonna be talking about some cute outfits for girls and this is gonna be a rare edition . Please note i had permision from all of the models to use their outfits. Lets just hop right into it shall we?
Our first model is XjammeyXxx
She is wearing :
Comfymas Hair (Preztige level 1 )
Cutie and makeup ( Preztige level 30 )
Galaxy Tshirt (Preztige level 50 )
Wns pop shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
Funny Kicks ( Preztige level 1 )
Overal : This outfit is a really cute and comfy outfit that you can loundge around in which i love
Thank you XjammeyXxx for letting me blog your flawless outfit ! xx

Our  next model is totalfashiongal
She is wearing :
Evalis ( Preztige level 1 )
Bowmas Sweater ( Preztige level 1 )
Wns pop shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
Spop boots ( Preztige level 1 )
Overal : This outfit reminded me of a soft wintery girl look , I dont know how to describe it , It looks beautiful and casual, and this outfit is for our rare girls haha.
Thank you totalfashiongal for letting me blog your gorgeous outfit! xx

Our final model did not want her username included for privacy reasons
She is wearing :
Ms. Romance Glam ( Preztige level  1 )
Cutie and makeup ( Preztige level 30 )
Gravediggers hoodie ( Preztige level 1 )
Dolloween shorts ( Preztige level 1 )
And lastly Sandals with tatoo ( Preztige level 10 )
Overal : This outfit is really cool . It is pretty creative which i really like about it , The colors are unique and i feel like its  a spooky feel with the shirt and the pants but it still would look like a normal woozen to wear .
Thank you woozen for letting me blog your stylish outfit

I hoped you enjoyed my blog today , and there will be more out soon . If you want a blog with cute boy outfits let me know down in the comments or just message me on woozworld , Im lolhivic . 
                                                       Its time for the Quote Of The Day!
Thats all for now !
Byeee xoxo Vic

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