Saturday, February 7, 2015

New trial blogger~

Hello, Woozens of Woozapalooza!

My name is TynonClaire.
You've probably encountered me blogging at 4 other blogs. XD I'm a busy Woozen.

Facts about me:
1.) I originally played WoozWorld for 5 years. Lost my account.
2.) I have a light lavender-light-blueish-purplish color code.
3.) My favorite colors are black and red.
4.) I blog at: WoozWorld Awesomeness, Deadline ReWritten, WoozWorld Disbelief (owned by ME! :D), and WoozWorld Pleasure. (And now Woozapalooza too)
5.) Selma is the best movie of all time.
6.) My editing skills are wak-bad.
7.) I'm starting 2 WoozWorld Series: "Experiment One", and "TynonClaire's Truths and Dares"(inspired by Dare Demi!).
8.) I love giving advice.
9.) I'm all over the place. :/
10.) Um....I don't know...I LIKE HIP HOP AND RAP. They are BAE.

Those are 10 facts about me! ;D

Thanks for reading, and keep watching for more of my posts!


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