Thursday, August 6, 2015

VIP Style Scoop

Heyy guyss! Its Julie here! x)
In case you guys are wondering who I am? Well, I'm a new blogger on Woozapalooza. Not an official one yet tho. xD But hopefully will become one.C: So this is my first post.
WNS is just around the corner and what a lovely way to start it off by new outfits that will be in woozworld on Monday, August 10, 2015. x) Mya, showed a sneak peak of the outfits at her VIP Style Scoop. Btw, Mya also said that only the torsos and hairstyles would be new, so the rest of the outfit would be like old garments which are already in woozworld. So those of you that didn't quite still get a chance to seem them, I took pictures for you guys to take a look. 

                       This is the outfit JayWooz would basically wear. This is the 1st boy's outfit.

                 This outfit will be worn by JennyWooz.( Isn't the top just cute?) xD 1st girl's outfit.

      2nd boy's outfit which MaxWooz will be wearing.

  Finally, MyaWooz's outfit, that is inspired by Demi Lovato's style. (The hair is just adorable!)

That's it for now! Stay stylish and cool! x) xxx-Julie

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