Saturday, August 22, 2015


Ayee everyonee Julie here! Cx
Sorry, I haven't been posting lately. Dx But I'm back! Okay, so first of all I want to congratulate all of those people who have won the video challenge for WNS. You guys not only have made worth watching videos, but inspiring for others too. x) Let's take a look at their absolute amazing videos! 

1. Crown the Yetiz (Rock) 

2. Jennifer Beexson and Iggy Woozalea (Rap)

3. Woozina and the Diamonds (Pop)

4. Last but not the least! Little Wooz (Dance)

Omg! I just loved watching them all! Once again congratulations guyss! :')

Now, I'd like to congratulate our new Wns Woozen Designed Outfit Star of the Week, Isabella670! Her outfit was amazing and adorable! 

That bright red really catches your eyes. What a nice combination of red and white. Once again congratz! xxx 

There was one more other thing I wanted to talk about, since school is starting for me like in another 2 and a half weeks, I'd probably not blog as normal, since it's going to be really tough for me, bc, I'm starting off in a new school and it's like my first year in high, so yeah.Not only that, but like I'm moving to a new place, so I'm really busy nowadays and I'll be extremely busy in September, you guys have no idea. xD But, that doesn't mean I won't be posting at all. I will try my best to keep you guys up-to-date and with all the gossips and news in woozworld! :P So, I just wanted you guys to know. That is it for now! x) If you guys have more topics in mind that I should post about, feel free to message me on woozworld (julietrainbow23) or just tell me in the woozapalooza chatbox. See ya guyss later! xxx -Julie

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