Saturday, August 29, 2015

WNS 2K15 Over!

Heyy Guyss! Julie back with more news! xDD
Okay, so yesterday was WNS finals results. But before we get to the results, the Woozband Members gave a special prize to the super fans of each bands in each genre. Sorry guys I don't have all the names of the people,I only have some and posting half of the names would't make any sense, so yeah. xD Sorry about that. After each genre's band's super fans were announced, the result was announced. Well.... Congratulations to Pop led by Jenny. Woozworld's next superstar was Demi Woozvato. Again a big congratz to Team Pop! But, here comes the "real news" when Jay was appreciating the record label Live Entertainment, or should I say Evil Entertainment. The woozens at the event told the Woozband Members, that it's actual name was Evil Entertainment and it was led by Fil and Eva. Neither of the woozband memebers had a clue about this and Jay said this would be the next big mystery for September too. :o Well, that's going to be one surprise, tbh. x) But I'm not done yet. There is one more thing. While the show was going on Mya gave us a sneak peek of the next upcoming outfit. Here is a picture:

Isn't just perff. Omg! Can't wait for it!!! xDD This outfit will be coming out on September 10. I have no idea about next week whether, their will be outfits or not. But who knows, maybe that big surprise woozband members were planning for Zechic Shopz will be out next week? :O Oh and not to forget it's Jay's Birthday on Monday! xx There will be a party held on Monday. Next week is going to be totally awesome, but for people who are living in Canada, Toronto mainly. Their week is going to be just great and not to great. Why? Well, it's officially the last week of summer and from Tuesday on wards welcome back to where you will be tortured for one year. Dx  I hope this year it'll be a good one. But anyways, this isn't a long post as usual. Lmaoo. :P This is it for now! Ill see ya guys laterr. Stay tuned for more! xxx -Julie

                                                                 (Credits to Sil bby xoxo)

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