Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to have an AMAZING schoolyear & Bye!

Hey guys! C:. I want to start off with why I'm saying 'Bye'. -Sigh- If you guess I'm going to another camp you are correct. I won't be back to post next week but I'll hopefully be back in time for my next posts after that. Remember to keep Zack out of trouble and message me/post on my wallz for anything you want to tell me. (Nothing will be responded till 13 days later.) I'll miss all you fantabulous people :'3

Anyways, onto my real topic. Most of you reading this probably don't enjoy school. ( I love school so DIE! Jk bye) I decided to help you guys enjoy you're school year a bit more, and get the most out of it.

1.) Make many memories. Get with you friends and do amazing things,stupid things,helpful things. Every bit counts, and every part will be within you.

2.) Get more drama happening xD.Okay be honest. Would you really rather have a classroom where everyone behaves, and nothing exciting happens, or would you like to be in a classroom where there's a trouble maker, a class clown, a kid falling off their chair? This also goes along the line of creating great memories.(This actually happened in my class: Someone stole my teacher's skittles at Halloween time.)

3.) ''A day without laughter is a day wasted". Keep the mood at happy-people laughing their heads off. Sure there'll be a day where every thing's moody, but remember to keep that sun shinning bright.\

4.) Find new friends!! This is a really great thing because friends are just amazing. Sometimes the best person isn't the one that's the most noticeable. Having new friends is also great because with them, you may find new talents.I was new last year, and this kid LOVED to draw manga.I did draw Anime before, but it was. . . I can't even. With her, I learned how to draw new eyes, and now I'm at digital anime ;) (I was self taught though)

5.) Challenge people xP. I find doing challenges, helps you make great memories, and helps you learn some new stuff you never knew about people. Maybe someone is better at blowing paper boats than you, or maybe your better at basketball than someone else. ( You can also put some stuff on the line of winning :P)

6.) Be friendly. If you're goth that's fine, but you should always act kindly towards others. They'll get a better image of you.

7.) Be yourself. Being yourself, will make you comfortable in what you do. You can also be an important person in your schoolyear by just being true to yourself.

8.) Finally, show your wildhood. Childhood is one of the important steps in growing up.It helps you learn to smile,laugh,and cry. Don't always be uptight, you have to sometime loosen up, and show your inner self.There will always be another side to that,angry,happy,sad,or shy person you are. You just have to be patient with life ;)

That raps up this post. Its 11:00 pm right now so I should head off. I wish you all the best rest of your summer.

Bleaty signing out, with best wishes C:


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