Monday, August 3, 2015

Things To Watch On T.V. Or Netflix.

Hey guys, it's Mika!
I haven't been on much, I never am when I don't have VIP on Woozworld. -sigh-. 
Anyways, sometimes you have nothing to do and you just want to watch a new TV show or movie. Usually you go to Netflix, but there's also a thing called a TV! xD (If you use a TV, then that wasn't said to you :p)

But if you really don't want to watch TV then there are also some amazing shows and movies on Netflix.

TV: Dance Moms
This is my favourite show of all time! It's reached it's fifth season and if you're a dancer or want to dance this show is for you! It's on Lifetime every week. Age rating: 10+

Netflix: Pretty Little Liars
Okay, this is also my favourite show. It is a little scary (at parts). It is so confusing but in a good way! Age rating: 13+

TV: Cake Boss.
Any bakers out there? Or just want to see huge, artistic cakes? This show on TLC (I think) will make you crave to for cake. The bakers are absolutely amazing with their large cakes all of the time. Age rating: 9+

Netflix: Jack & Jill
This movie has Adam Sandler (amazing actor!) playing two different roles, twin roles to be exact. This wacky comedy is definitely one to watch Age rating: 12+

I only did a few because I didn't know if you guys wanted loads but if you want me to do another one comment down below! I can also do reviews on TV shows and Movies if you'd like. Remember to check in with the blog every day, there could be something new! 

That's all for now, 
-Mika xox

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