Friday, August 28, 2015


Hey guys! :0 Bleaty here. I'm so so so sorry for not posting last week. I had to get school supplies, see my sister go to the airport for a camp O_o, go to my cousins, and I fell off my scooter xD. I will promise to make up for those absent days...

Some bad news I have is that, I think I got banned/sanctioned off woozworld after logging into other accounts to woozup my friend Rosie's picture for a contest (... Hehe....) I suddenly got logged out and could not get back on due to the following message:

Because of this, I really have no news to talk about on woozworld because I can't get on....does that make sense?So yea xC I'm trying everything to get back on (even if it means refreshing 600 thousand times, I'll do it.) Maybe I should go on app... O_O idk but yea. School for me starts this Monday, so I wish anyone going to school on that day as well, good luck :3 Because I have no woozworld things to talk about,I created a typeform poll for you guys. Here you go :D

Thank you and I apologize for the short post! C:

-Bleaty signing out!


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