Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Winter Break <3
Hey guys c: It's summer and I just was wondering about how you are going to be starting your winter break. SOOOOO I came up with an idea to start a picture contest to tell me about YOUR winter break! This contest starts 12/23/13 and ends 1/6/14. 
-What you will do over winter break
-You have to make an Albumz named 'Summer's Picture Contest"
-You HAVE to message me that you are entering (nekole)
-You have to tell me in the message which theme
- Make the picture awesome c:
-To win you MUST have the most woozups on your photo! They HAVE to click and THEN woozup, or it will NOT count!
1st place Winner- 200 wooz, FULL blog post, feature in video
2nd Place winner- 100 wooz, spotlight on blog
2 3rd place winners- 50 wooz, a shoutout on blog, and a week of a blogger in training!
Please no inappropriate pics c: Please have fun making this and Have a AWESOME Winter break!!!!
~ Summer  

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