Monday, July 14, 2014

Bullying On Woozworld

Hey guys! This is Ms. Fab-bo! So I was walkin around in Woozworld and I saw alot of bullying goin on...
To prove that alot of bullying occurs on Woozworld, I spent 2 days looking around for bullies...
Here are a few pics-

And here's the name of a few bullies I caught bullying-
1. Miriananaz
2. ciuciuandrei
3. itzmeforever
4. pinkypiepie
5. -ddonaa-
6. SheNGaoreN
7. loveyouxxq
8. jennanice
9. xoxttylxoxx
10. lolgirlomg1
11. Shihanaxed
The list above begins with Miriananaz who scammed and bullied the most people and ends with Shihanaxed who has bullied the least people...
If you guys want any more information about this, don't hesitate, just comment down below or send me a message on Woozworld :)
Love ya guys! 
~Ms. Fab-bo

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